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Electricity is a subject included in the concurrent list of Constitution of India. The Electricity Act, 2003 (Act 36 of 2003) has been enacted repealing the Indian Electricity Act, 1910, the Indian Electricity Supply Act, 1948 and Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, 1998. The said Electricity Act, 2003 has come into force w.e.f. 10th June, 2003.

Safety Practices

To ensure electrical safety during the monsoon period, cyclone or flood.


1) Get all the electrical works done only by licensed electrical contractors.

2) Use only ISI marked electrical appliances, cables and wires.

3) Switch off the supply before inserting and removing the plug socket outlets.

4) Electricity supply for Refrigerator, Wet grinder and other home appliances should be availed through 3 pin plug sockets with earthing provision.