Electricity is a subject included in the concurrent list of  Constitution of India. The Electricity Act, 2003 (Act 36 of 2003) has been enacted repealing the Indian Electricity Act, 1910,  the Indian Electricity Supply Act, 1948 and Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, 1998. The said Electricity Act, 2003 has come into force w.e.f. 10th June, 2003.

The office of Chief Electrical Inspector (Punjab Electrical Inspectorate) is under the administrative control of Principal Secretary to Govt. of Punjab (Power Department) and is headed by Chief Electrical Inspector.

The Department is responsible for the administration and implementation of Electricity Act, 2003 and Rules and Regulations made thereunder, Punjab Electricity (Duty) Act, 2005 and Rules, 1958 and the Punjab Cinemas (Regulations)Act and Rules, 1952.

The officers of the Department are appointed as per Punjab Electrical Inspectorate (Group 'A') Service Rules, 2008 and are designated as Chief Electrical Inspector and Electrical Inspectors under the provision of Section 162 of Electricity Act, 2003 as per the qualifications prescribed under the Qualifications, Powers and Functions of Chief Electrical Inspector and Electrical Inspectors Rules, 2006.